brianThe new field of Tokenomics (or Token Economics) uses economics, game theory, and behavioral analytics to design ecosystems for blockchains and other decentralized ledger systems. I design these kinds of systems, build working models, and run simulations to validate and improve the design and tuning.

This modeling and simulation approach has roots in video game development and lets us tune things like supply volatility and price behavior before launching a new cryptocurrency or digital token.

My career path is all about modeling how incentives drive decisions.

BERKELEY I earned my undergraduate degree in anthropology at UC Berkeley, focusing on how evolution shapes behavior.

UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON At the University of Washington I earned an MBA with a focus in economics, studying how preference for risk and reward influences asset prices.

MAGIC ONLINE In my early career I led development of Magic: the Gathering Online, which was one of the first digital tradable object platforms on the internet. 15 years later, it’s stronger than ever.

MAGIC: THE GATHERING DESIGN I spent ten years in Magic: the Gathering game design, where I focused on creative development and how to allocate rewards to motivate behavior. I was lead designer on 8 Magic sets, worth hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

DISNEY INTERACTIVE As Creative Director at Disney Interactive, I led projects on how to collect and analyze player behavior and how to use this data in product development. It was here that my team built many virtual economy simulations.

CASINO GAMING Later I worked for Crown Resorts on casino gaming design and behavioral analytics.

NEM FOUNDATION I developed much of the new user onboarding content and technical documentation for the NEM blockchain and its cryptocurrency XEM, in addition to other work for the Foundation.

HE3 Today I’m Head of Analytics at He3 Labs, working on economic modeling and virtual ecosystem design with large and small technology partners.

Other Highlights

  • I’m an author of game design books and an award-winning public speaker.
  • I’ve secured multiple patents on new game play mechanics.
  • I’m known for creative lateral thinking and I’m a member of the Triple Nine Society (High IQ organization for those with proctored test scores in the 99.9th percentile.)
  • My awards include: 2009 Origins Best Collectible Card Game Expansion Of The Year for  Magic: The Gathering – Shards of Alara, 2002 Mensa Select Award, 2004 Gamer’s Choice Award, 2008 Takara Tomy Award among others.
  • I’ve been a guest lecturer at the U of Washington and member of the board of advisers at the Digital Future Lab.

Tokenomics and Cryptoeconomics Ecosystem Design