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Top 5 Benefits of Good DLT Token Ecosystem Design

When creating a network based on a blockchain or other DLT system, you’ll face questions about tokenomics. Tokens can be used for many types of data, including identity documents, voting records, contracts, game characters, stock ownership, usage rights, and more.

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Blockchain-Based Token Supply Control Mechanisms

The most famous chart in economics tells us that market price is a function of supply and demand. Good token economics design involves driving demand with fundamental value, but also carefully managing the supply side of the equation.

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Prioritizing Trust In A New Pandemic Reality

rust in governments and businesses was already strained heading into 2020, but the global pandemic has ripped trust in two different directions. The pandemic shows that trusting others with information and media control can protect us, but information control can also be used against us. As targeted social media and fake video technology further erodes trust, blockchain technology is becoming a promising tool to help replace it.

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Supply Chain Data on Symbol from NEM

Blockchain technology is extremely reliable and cost-effective for its main purpose – to maintain crash-proof, tamper-proof records, and rules for how those records are managed. This unlocks powerful innovations throughout supply chain management.

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Design Innovations With Double Coin Systems

This is the second of a two-part series on blockchain economic systems. Read about the foundations of single-coin systems first. 

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Business Level Applications of Multi-Level Multisig

Data management and security are critical issues for nearly every company today, and their importance is accelerating with no end in sight. How can a company make sure high value company and user accounts are protected from both external and internal misuse? How can they ensure that one security breach won’t compromise all their other data? How can they ensure that security features aren’t so inconvenient that users ignore them?

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Public/Private Blockchain Hybrid Systems Explained

Traditionally, blockchain is synonymous with decentralization. It remains true that decentralization is the foundation of public cryptocurrencies, but as blockchain technology improves, we are entering a new era where blockchains are powering other ecosystems. Blockchain is driving systems like securities trading, IoT identity, supply chain, and public ownership records. Unfortunately, public chains have problems when they need to handle private data.

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Create Your Proof Of Concept Day One With Symbol from NEM

Symbol lets you get to proof-of-concept faster than nearly any blockchain solution. Symbol’s plugins handle the most broadly useful enterprise functions, and they’re already built in. With our client apps, little to no programming is needed to configure them and get your test application live and ready to show.

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Game Theory in Token Valuation and ICOs: Overcoming Adverse Selection

If you’re raising money with an ICO, one of the big challenges is figuring out what price to charge for your token. If you’re an investor, your decision to buy will hinge on whether you think a token’s price is higher or lower than it should be.

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What Is Tokenomics?

Cryptocurrency economics or cryptonomics is the economics of cryptography-based currency and networks. Yes, cryptonomics can help investors make better investing decisions, but it’s more important than that.

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Delegated Harvesting Explained

Symbol from NEM has a noteworthy economic system that allows you to passively earn coin rewards just as if you were mining. This is better than staking rewards given by exchanges since you don’t need to put your coins on an exchange and you are earning actual block rewards. 

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Cheat-Proofing Token Prices and Measurements

One challenge in the blockchain/DLT industry is how to design token systems in a way that makes it harder for price movements to be manipulated or falsified.

Why is it important to have verifiably accurate market price data for token values?

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Foundational Benefits and Challenges of Single-Coin Blockchain Systems

Understanding pros and cons of blockchain economic systems is important when a business is deciding which blockchain platform to use to launch an ICO or utility token.